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To cancel your subscription, see "Billing" under the My Account section of our website or contact support@thekobeissiletter.com at least 24-hours prior to renewal.

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This publication is proprietary and limited to the sole use of TKL Inc. clients. Each reproduction of any part of this publication or its contents must contain notice of TKL Inc.'s copyright. Pursuant to U.S. Copyright law, damages for liability or infringing a copyright may amount to $30,000 per infringement and, in the case of willful infringement; the amount may be up to $150,000 per infringement, in addition to the recovery of costs and attorneys' fees. This agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with U.S. Copyright law.

The information contained herein is not necessarily complete and its accuracy is not guaranteed by TKL Inc., its operating entity or the principals therein. If you have received this communication in error, please notify us immediately by electronic mail. Neither the information in The Kobeissi Letter, nor any opinion expressed in The Kobeissi Letter constitutes a solicitation for the purchase of any future or security referred to in The Kobeissi Letter.

The Kobeissi Letter, is published as an information service for subscribers, and it includes opinions as to buying, selling and holding various stocks and other securities. However, the publishers of The Kobeissi Letter are not brokers or investment advisers, and they do not provide investment advice or recommendations directed to any particular subscriber or in view of the particular circumstances of any particular person. The Kobeissi Letter does not guarantee that you will out-perform the stock market. The information provided by The Kobeissi Letter is obtained from sources believed to be reliable but is not guaranteed as to accuracy or completeness. Subscribers to The Kobeissi Letter or any other persons who buy, sell or hold securities should do so with caution and consult with a broker or investment adviser before doing so.

Access to The Kobeissi Letter's private Twitter feed (@TKLSubscribers) is considered a bonus perk which we reserve the right to remove members from should they display behavior which is damaging to the community. Removal from the Private Feed is at the discretion of The Kobeissi Letter LLC and no refunds will be permitted should it occur.

Any further disclosure or use, distribution, dissemination or copying of this message or any attachment is strictly prohibited; such information, whether derived from TKL Inc. or from any oral or written communication by way of opinion, advice, or otherwise with a principal of the company is not warranted in any manner whatsoever, is for the use of our customers only and may be obtained from internal and external research sources considered to be reliable.

Principals of TKL Inc. may or may not hold or be short of securities discussed herein, or of any other securities, at any time.


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