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Get Rid Of The Noise, A Multi-Factored Model

Trend Factor
A huge influence in reading market direction and activities. Combining this with EWT and Technical Analysis, investors are better prepared to make accurate short-term to long-term calls.
Elliot Wave Theory
Like most of the moving things in the world, the stock market moves in waves. This statistically logical pattern comes as five recognizable waves with sideway counter corrective bounces.
Astrology Factor
Among the five factors of TEACT model, Astrological Factor has been the most loathed by U.S. investors. However, like it or not, its actual impact has been imprinted in our collective gene.
Cycle Factor
There are so many different cycles with different time frames, from the larger 13-year cycle, to 2.2-year cycle, all the way to the smallest cycles at the 30-min level. All have their effects on the market.
TA Factor
In addition to the traditional TA analytical indicators, MPW's Model uses several proprietary indicators-such as DTK red alert signal, MARP pattern-that help identify major tops and bottoms accurately.


A unique model developed by @MasterPandaWu which he uses to gauge and predict the direction of markets.